The Night Me and two Children had a Gun pointed at Us

The longer I became stuck in Newark, the more conformable this evil nazi maniac became in displaying his violence and hatred.

One night, I was sitting on the couch, reading on my computer and the two kids were standing in front of me.  All of a sudden they started to scream at the top of their lungs. I look up, confused to why they were screaming. They are looking at something outside the window and screaming. Turning around at me and screaming. Me: ”What is it? Why are you screaming?” They didn’t answer and just kept on screaming out loud. I look outside the window in the direction they were looking at, but I couldn’t see anything cause it was pitch black outside. This vile loser didn’t have any lights outside their house, so at night you couldn’t see anything looking outside the windows.

Suddenly, I noticed a red laser light pointing at my chest, down my stomach and then moving around on the wall next to my head. That’s when I realised this evil, racist, lunatic violent child abuser took his assault machine sniper gun (something they must have stolen while in the British Military and then illegally sold again) and went outside and started pointing it at us. I started begging him to stop. I was so numbed with fear, it’s like I forgot to call the police right then and there. And at that point, I thought he maybe had license to have those guns because of his military background and the police wouldn’t believe me if I told them this abusive psycho literally just pointed a gun at his children and me.

As I was begging this cretin to stop pointing a gun at us. He started to laugh, in a strange maniac way. He just kept on laughing and laughing at me. I was speechless. This was the scariest moment I’ve ever had in my life and while I was there. Having a deadly weapon pointed at me and two other people, not knowing if there was any bullets in them, that could’ve easily fired off and killed anyone of us.

When I left, this sick deranged bastard quickly sold that gun. Which would have landed him a longer prison sentencing if the police found it.

The fact that it took a stranger a couple of weeks to report all this heinous abuse that had been going on for years in Newark-on-Trent, tells you everything you need to know about the people in this church owning family. They are the absolute worst.

This is what that gun looked like, but a bit shorter looking.




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News Report from the Newark Advertiser

Reporter Daniel from the Newark Advertiser sent me this news article:

PDF – Report: fairhurstasset_archive_157398

It wasn’t just a stun gun and pepper spray! He needs to be investigated for selling those guns. Those were there and a sword. *Notice how he lied in court about the stun gun. All this sick violent abusive , Nazi devil does is lie. How are they letting him get away with all of this? Why didn’t the police properly investigate? This is really frustrating!

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What will happen to baby Simone if Nottingham Child Services Don’t Protect Her from this Racist Violent Family

I fear baby Simone will further endure racist abuse, bullying, physical abuse and molestation and ultimately get killed or she will grow up to commit suicide from the abuse she will suffer if child services in Nottingham, don’t keep these racist, violent, bullying, abusive, incestuous scum family from her and her mother.

Nobody was protecting this child and saw the danger she was in, until I was lured to that racist hell hole village, Sutton-on-Trent. No one knows better than me at this point what she will for sure go through. I feel helpless. The only thing I can do is use my voice for her and her mother. Continue to spread this vile story in the UK. This is one of the worst cases of child abuse, racism, hate crime, domestic violence and bullying in UK history and everybody should know about it. This disgusting racist, criminal thug family in Newark will no longer get to hide their abuse and violence they have been doing onto people for years.

This is what will happen to this child if nothing is done:

  1. Bullying. She will grow up getting bullied by the incestuous, racist, manipulative psychopathic brat Shannon Fairhurst. I saw with my own eyes as she was speaking negatively of her, while rolling her eyes. She already hates her, just like she hates her mother G and bullied this grown adult woman for 2 years (and conveniently only stopped when this woman escaped that hell hole and was no longer getting raped by the scum abuser) Just like she bullied me for the 2 months, i was stuck there. She is actually the biggest danger to Simone’s life. Whenever she was around her, while I was there – somehow Simone would conveniently get hurt. This brat is capable of being a murderer in the future. Evil people are born. The rotten apple didn’t fall too far from the tree, here. She is absolute scum. Most people have never witnessed an evil child, let alone an incestuous one, who is attracted to her own abusive dad and in her sick mind she thinks she’s competing with them over a racist cretin violent sexual predator. It’s inconceivable to them to wrap their head around. She is really a vile disgusting worthless bully. No words can truly explain. Most people would have beat her, if it wasn’t for her age. I would’ve. While all this will be going on, the oldest one Paige, will continue to stand back and not say a word and lie for the bully. Like she always does. She won’t even speak up about being kicked and hit til she bleeds by the incestuous bully. This is why you don’t guilt a child who is only exactly 1 year older than the other, to be responsible for your responsibility, when you procreate with an evil worthless maniac expect at least one to come out just as crazy and evil. Now you have the oldest one who is an being abused by the other kid herself, doing her homework for her etc. and no one knows, is a habitual liar (it’s truly sickening how a 10yr child who witnessed a woman being abused and bullied would lie and deny it – even more reason for them to stay away from baby Simone. You’re not gonna lie and continue to traumatise a woman’s horrific racist, violence domestic experience)  delusional (they all are). On top of all this she will get racially bullied by the child abusing cretin’s racist, fake religious, church owning psycho aunt, Ruth Allene Walton. They only continue to use this wrinkled faced dumb hag, to attack baby Simone and her mother. They already have been doing just that.
  2. Racism. The racism and abuse baby Simone’s mother went through, will only be minor, compared to what she herself will go through. She will not survive it. Physically and psychologically. I know in my heart and mind, this child will die one way or the other, if Nottingham’s social services don’t protect her from this sick, racist family. I’m already holding them accountable, for whatever failure they do from here on out.
  3. Sexual Abuse. I don’t think i need to go into details that a child is in grave danger of being molested by a violent sexual predator, racial fetishist neo-nazi cretin, who violently abuses children, who hits a toddler, abuses women, preys on women he is racist towards, to rape them by deception, sexually exploit them, racially abuse them and thinks in his evil low IQ brain he can keep tricking such women, somehow.
  4. Suicide / Murder. After being stuck there for 7 weeks, because this racist child abusing psychopath REFUSED to give me my 60 hours a week ”wage”. It was not surprising, though. (i was stolen from earlier, so i only took this nanny ”job” out of pure desperation to save up and get back home.) After everything that happened when i got back home, i had PTSD, severe anxiety attacks, insomnia and suicidal / homicidal thoughts. To say I’ve been severely traumatised is a f*king understatement! I had to demand that the Police treat my case as a hate crime. Because that’s exactly what this is and that’s what this ingrate scum is doing preying on women of colour and racially violating them. Committing an act of hate crime. If a grown white British woman, who for whatever sick reason chose to even be around someone like this (birds of a feather..) could succumb to the abuse she was receiving from this maniac and killed herself, with no regard to reporting this lunatic for being extremely abusive and violent for the safety of children that were to be handed to him after she died – then baby Simone will have way worse. I know for a fact this will have an even bigger tragic ending and for whatever reason I don’t trust any officials involved in this. It’s not uncommon for child services and adults to fail abused children. Read Daniel Pelka’s story: Murder of Daniel Pelka.

If teachers and other adults could ignore and not report visible signs of abuse on a child. This is why I don’t trust these UK officials to do what’s right for baby Simone. I fear she will end up dead like Daniel Pelka. Look at ALL these adults who never picked up the phone to child services. This is unacceptable.

They obviously can’t let baby Simone’s mother be the decision maker in this, because if she could have protected herself and her daughter, this wouldn’t be happening in the first place and she herself is a victim. A lot of people have been telling me to create a petition to help bring more attention to this and put pressure on them. Sign Paula Barrow’s petition for Daniel Pelka: Change the law to better protect vulnerable children like Daniel Pelka

I made a promise to myself and to baby Simone that i will do everything that i can do to save her and help her mother. I will.

Fairhurst-Allene Walton Family = Human Trash.

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Boycott Racist/Nazi Ruth Allene Walton’s Church St. Virgin Mary Carlton-on-Trent!


Boycott the church St. Virgin Mary Carlton-On-Trent. It’s owned by FUCKING DISGUSTING RACIST NAZI WHITE TRASH CUNT BITCH Ruth Allene Walton and her RACIST NAZI SCUM husband Nigel Walton. This sick worthless EVIL old hag was racially bullying a TODDLER!!!

Ruth Allene Walton is a fraud, disgusting, immoral, racist, religious hypocrite and sad excuse of a human being. For years Ruth as well as her husband stayed silent on her Neo-Nazi predator nephew Conrad Allenby Fairhurst’s in Sutton-on-Trent, child neglect and physically abusing his two children and racially abusing a mixed raced/ black toddler after he took advantage of a Malawian woman. Not once, did she and her husband report him to child services. They pretended like they didn’t know what was going on and took no action. They seriously thought babysitting two children during the weekends was somehow protecting them from abuse.

The last week, I was there as a nanny Au-pair after being racially harassed by her nephew who lured me there, to rape me and well as his two children, one of them incestuous Shannon who was persistently bullying me. Ruth kept me up all night, knowing what was happening to me while I was there and they made up lies about me, before she came over with her nephews’ kids and let Shannon verbally attack, harass and disrespect me, while she literally stood by and watched. Doing and saying nothing. Because she was trying to find blame in me, for the behaviour of an evil bully. Who also bullied the woman from Malawi, I’ll just call her G.  I witnessed baby Simone was also being bullied by Shannon.

When I mentioned this incestuous brat’s bullying behaviour towards adults that her abuser racist dad was racially abusing and preying on. She turned into a demon and started going on a racist, xenophobic disgusting ranting tirade about her, right to my face. I was the intended target for these racist words.

Paraphrasing her words: ”Don’t you dare, mention G to me. She only married Conrad to stay in England, so she can live on our benefits! She made an old man, who was dying of cancer take care of them.”….. ”But I don’t say anything because of Simone!” She was shaking and fuming while she was ranting. (it was longer and actually worse than this. She referred to me as a slave ”She’s not your slave!” convenient choice of words…I still can’t believe all this happened. I seriously could’ve been in jail right now, if I wasn’t already exhausted enough) G, is not on benefits by the way, she went to school and got a degree and has a job, lives in a poor area. Her life choices to support herself, is none of Ruth’s goddamn business. G is a victim of racist domestic violence and racial fetishism for 2 years (Domestic violence and abuse which led to the white British mother of the other two children to commit suicide.) bullying and harassment by the child Shannon. While Ruth and her husband are very well off.  And unlike her family full of criminals, money laundering, racist abusive, ignorant Nazi thugs. Racist people want to believe whatever fits their racist delusional narratives.

Ruth sits around all day making racist remarks about G, to the other two children and general racists, xenophobic, anti-poor people remarks. This is a family of generation of racists and negative, abusive dysfunctional people. From the 60-something year olds to the 10-year olds. She was just waiting for baby Simone to get old enough, so the other two Shannon and Paige could repeat her words to Simone and she could tell her mother. Not to mention the abuse, she was to further suffer from her nephew, too. Thank, heavens I came into her life.

Then she tried to accuse me of lying about where i was from, because of my accent. Even though she doesn’t know ANYTHING about me. ( the person who was lured to their evil family, in a country I don’t live in, with intentions to rape and suffered a racist hate crime, and was stuck there for two months, because my wages weren’t paid to me) When she failed at everything to further attack me and my character, she never apologised to me for ganging up on me, harassing and bullying me. She never made those brats apologise to me, either. She pretended like nothing happened. A classic racist in denial. Deplorably, low life she is.

All members of this disgustingly sick, incestuous, dysfunctional, delusional, psychopathic family made racists remarks at me, separately. And racially abusing Simone and her mother for years!



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