I am fighting for justice for myself, an abused mother and her abused child. We are the victims of a racist hate crime by a psychopathic neo-nazi, child abuser, woman beater, violent sexual predator criminal and his racist vile family, living in Sutton-on-Trent and Carlton-on-Trent, Newark, Nottinghamshire.

The racist, neo-nazi, child abuser violent psycho racist fetishizer: Conrad Allenby Fairhurst. This psychopath was arrested for assault gun weapons.

Please, spread the word to keep other women safe. Especially, if you live in Nottinghamshire, UK.

A ‘lack of physical evidence’ for this monster to be charged with a hate crime, will NOT stop me, from seeking justice and save a child from a life of racist abuse and rape.

Will continue to update.

Thank you for reading so far.

More to come…………………………

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