How you can HELP Simone from racist child abuse

Don’t know about what has happened with Simone’s case, since reporting this. Because of privacy laws, and thanks to incompetent dipshit-Sipson blocking free speech, by taking down my online petition to bring awareness and get a public answer from children’s social care, no one knows and can tell us but her mother.  This is only further entrapping Simone in the worst horrific abuse! (We’re gonna create a much bigger campaign for Simone) But if you wanna help, you can send emails to the directors of Nottingham city’s child services. Demand they do something about Simone’s safety and legal custody from this evil family in Newark:

If you are worried about any child or young person, and have tried to share these concerns with us but you do not feel your concerns are being listened to or acted upon, please ensure you report this to Helen Blackman, Director of Children’s Social Care, or to Alison Michalska, Corporate Director for Children and Adults.

Helen Blackman, Director of Children’s Social Care, Nottingham City Council: or call 0115 876 4710

Alison Michalska, Corporate Director of Children and Adults, Nottingham City Council: or call 0115 876 3332

If you have concerns that a child is being harmed the worst thing you can do is nothing.




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Help me help save baby Simone from racist child abuse in Nottinghamshire.
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