UPDATE: Petition: Save Toddler Simone from Racist Child Abuse

UPDATE: Racist gatekeeper Police Officer GARY SIPSON at Newark police department, who’s been treating me like I’m anything but a victim of a crime and trying to attack me as the messenger in defense of a sick worthless racist fascist family who committed a hate crime against me, has made CHANGE.ORG take down my petition for Simone. Falsely citing it as harassment, like he did initially with my social medias bringing awareness to Simone’s abuse… The same police officer I’ve filed two complaints about now and will be getting off my case. (STOP contacting me you fucking disgusting prick PIG! Go worry about some real crimes happening in Nottinghamshire, like the puke-inducing scums I reported.) How many of you slimy fucking pigs want to get sued?? I fucking LOATHE you dirty racist swine motherfuckers! GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!

I will continue to fight the good fight for Simone. Until someone like her mother ensures me that this racist fascist family is out of their lives for good. I will not stop until Simone’s safety, wellbeing and basic child rights is taken care of.


Petition: Helen Blackman – Save Toddler Simone from Racist Child Abuse

Help Simone and her mother Gladys! Sign our change.org petition.


Thanks to the 8 supporters, so far, who’ve signed the petition to help Simone. This has helped make our petition visible on change.org!


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Help me help save baby Simone from racist child abuse in Nottinghamshire.
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